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Halloween Night
Howling moon
a witch's laugh
A chilly night
to never forget
Undead rise
Halloween night has arrived
Darkness fill the night
Laughing skeletons
chilled winds
Ghouls and ghost control the night
Halloween night has arrived
When nightmares come alive
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Flying In the Midnight Sky by Solar891star Flying In the Midnight Sky :iconsolar891star:Solar891star 1 4 Shattered Heart by Solar891star Shattered Heart :iconsolar891star:Solar891star 0 2 Starry Sky Keyblade by Solar891star Starry Sky Keyblade :iconsolar891star:Solar891star 0 0
As a shadow
I do not exist
Noticed by no one
Seen by no one
Its so lonely in the dark
but how can a shadow step into the light
Shadows are creatures of distress emotions
Creatures meant to be invisible to everyone around them
Only I a shadow can only wish to be a part of that light
But a shadow can never be one of them
A shadow like me should stay in the dark
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Lost Hope to Eternal Light
I just wish to be heard
I wish to be accepted
I do not want to be abandoned again
The stitches try to repair my heart
but the strings keep falling apart
My heart has fallen apart into two
I wish to spill my own blood
And drift into internal slumber
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Flame of Rage
Hatred, Anger, Rage, Pain, Revenge
The emotion that feeds the accursed fire
The flames can easily consume one's heart
Years, maybe even centuries this evil's fire has burned
The flames that burns and consumes everything it touches
The Flames of Hate
They try
and They fail
as their souls where eaten by those very flames
Even defeated the flame burns
and raises again
From it's burning Ashes of Hate
that come from the Flames of rage
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The Pain I caused
Was it all really my fault
that you and many other are hurt
did I only caused you pain
I never meant to hurt anyone
I'm sorry
I'm so sorry
For you and many others
I shall exist No More!
No longer will I cause you pain
My only regret is that I could not make you happy
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Am I an outcast
Am I one who doesn't belong
For I am too different
to be one of them
but, then
where do I belong
Am I alone
do I belong no where
should I not exist
or am I suppose to exist
If so where, where then
do I belong
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Dragon of Fire
Demon thou eyes burns of fire
Scales that of fallen ash
Thou burns the life of the earth
Destruction quakes from thou's piercing roar
The dragon of Flames
The Demon of Hell
With his soul enraged
The World shall burn in thine wake
from the devil's flames
The world shall quake
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Heaven's Angel Keyblade by Solar891star Heaven's Angel Keyblade :iconsolar891star:Solar891star 1 0
Cruel Life
Is life so cruel
to tear one person's heart apart
that it can never to be repaired again
Cruel words strike through my heart
I cried
I scream
but no came to help
as though they could not hear
my pain
my sorrow
my sadness
when will my torment end
why does ever one hates me
what did I do
what did I do
to deserve this
Is life truly this cruel
:iconsolar891star:Solar891star 1 0
The Promise
Under the Apple Blossom tree
we made a promise to be together
was that not meant to be
years have gone
I wait for him under the promised tree
Was this a broken promise
I wonder
Will he ever come
Then I heard a voice calling
Was it him
Under the Apple Blossom tree
we made a promise
It was to be
Love always keeps a promise
:iconsolar891star:Solar891star 0 0
Flower Garden
To a place nobody knows
A hidden away secret
Of love and romance
Lies in the forest
were time itself seems to stop
is where the secret garden lies
A forbidden secret
A forbidden love that was never meant to be
But all love and romance are meant to be here in the secret flower garden
:iconsolar891star:Solar891star 0 0
Unholy Crusade
No crusade is holy
Death is not joy
no matter what religion
would any God wish for
to any human life
You claim your actions holy
is that the truth
or just an excuse
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Eternal love
Dear, My love
I can not live forever
But love would last forever
even in death
the love between us will never disappear
Eternal love lasts forever
As I fade away
in a field of flowers
my love will not be cast away to oblivion
My heart and soul will always with you
my love for you is Eternal
:iconsolar891star:Solar891star 0 0


[DGM] Mai's Official Character Reference Sheet by Bunbae [DGM] Mai's Official Character Reference Sheet :iconbunbae:Bunbae 81 26 DGM OC: Maria Angelo by NaocitaTama DGM OC: Maria Angelo :iconnaocitatama:NaocitaTama 24 12 [DGM] Wang Seong Jae - Chae Hwan - Oh Dae Hyeon by GazeRei [DGM] Wang Seong Jae - Chae Hwan - Oh Dae Hyeon :icongazerei:GazeRei 125 43 DGM OC- Battle by TalismanSam DGM OC- Battle :icontalismansam:TalismanSam 32 24 [DGM OC] Innocence: Stellula Caveata by Mojomito [DGM OC] Innocence: Stellula Caveata :iconmojomito:Mojomito 49 28 [DGM fan-character reference] Kirasha Stormcatcher by Ekkodahl [DGM fan-character reference] Kirasha Stormcatcher :iconekkodahl:Ekkodahl 86 24 Prophecy by badlydrawnalchemists Prophecy :iconbadlydrawnalchemists:badlydrawnalchemists 9 6 [DGM OC] A new life by AltheadeLeo93 [DGM OC] A new life :iconaltheadeleo93:AltheadeLeo93 37 7 D.Gray-Man OC- Ada Goodwin by TalismanSam D.Gray-Man OC- Ada Goodwin :icontalismansam:TalismanSam 34 15 But it Refused. by AshuCat But it Refused. :iconashucat:AshuCat 197 19 But No One Came [animated] by D2DM-FanFic But No One Came [animated] :icond2dm-fanfic:D2DM-FanFic 313 33 Klance Comic - Happy Birthday Lance by shevoj Klance Comic - Happy Birthday Lance :iconshevoj:shevoj 77 9 Dill vs Kipper by Buryooooo Dill vs Kipper :iconburyooooo:Buryooooo 405 44 Commissioned 2 by Ravietta Commissioned 2 :iconravietta:Ravietta 1,111 43 aki by kotorikurama aki :iconkotorikurama:kotorikurama 33 6 A Boy and a Giant Roly Poly by RadenWA A Boy and a Giant Roly Poly :iconradenwa:RadenWA 89 77


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Yo whats up everyone.

As you now its the holiday season that very busy time of year when you walk into a store you get trampled by the holiday rush :(.

Yes it has happen to me

Well other than that I have been trying to get a drawing done, but other things are getting in the way. I have to bake cookies for my friend and do holiday shopping, you now the drill.

Oh and thank you to all who commented on my work. Thanks~



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